Screenprinting Inks

Union Ink has been focused on developing newer and better screen printing inks since 1931. For more than 80 years, Union has continued to develop new products to meet the exacting demands of the screen printers – first with Hot Split Transfer Inks which revived a very dormant Transfer Industry. Next, we introduced NYLOBOND, which took a good deal of fear away from printing Nylon Windbreakers, and then added the Tru-tone Process Colors – the standard for 4-color Screen Process Inks, making a 4-color process print more true to life. Union Ink continues to be a leader in the screen print industry with the development of unique and special effects inks such as: Flash-back Reflective, High Square, High Density Colors.

From the general purpose PLUS series to the highly acclaimed MIXOPAKE Pantone® color mixing system, you can count on high quality inks supplied through a wide network of national and international dealers. We support our customers with helpful technical support and quick delivery around the world.


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Precision Color Matching

We are licensed by Pantone®, the acknowledged worldwide leader in accurate color reproduction. Our sophisticated color-matching system comes from Datacolor International, the foremost name in color-managing instruments and software. And our color lab, which is well recognized in the industry, has the most advanced color matching software and hardware available.

Plastisol Inks

Union Ink supplies the best textile printing plastisols in the market, period. We are the market-leading supplier of high opacity plastisol inks around the world. Our plastisol white inks gives the screen printers of any size the widest range of options to print on any substrate.

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Plasticharge Inks

Union offers the unique plasticharge system that combines the best of Plastisol and Discharge inks.

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Epoxy Specialty Inks

Epoxy Inks

These inks are used for industrial applications such as Printed circuit board markings, electronic equipment panels, automotive / Aeronautical / Nautical components, Polyethylene and Polypropylene articles.

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