Diamond White (PLHT-1070)

A premium, high-opacity, low-bleed, white plastisol for polyester

blended fabrics. Excellent for use as underbase or highlight white


  • Direct print low-bleed white for controlling dye migration on polyester blended garment

  • Bleed-resistant underbase for polyester blended garments


  • Smooth, bright white appearance

  • Superior bleed resistance

  • High opacity

  • Extremely fast flashing with low tack

  • Improved viscosity stability

General Information: Diamond White (PLHT-1070) plastisol is Union Ink's premium, high-opacity low-bleed white. Diamond White is formulated to be an extremely bright white exhibiting high opacity, easy printability and excellent bleed resistance on polyester blended fabrics. Diamond White retains a creamy viscosity during storage and is ready to use straight from the container. Diamond White is designed for both manual and automatic printing.


Opacity: Diamond White is a high-opacity, low-bleed ink.


Mesh: Print through 125-230 (48-92 metric) monofilament polyester. Because of the excellent printing characteristics of Diamond White it may be printed as an underbase through a mesh count of 230 (92 metric)  leaving an ultra smooth, opaque printing surface for the overprint colors. Caution: Thinner deposits of ink will reduce the effectiveness of the bleed resistance properties. On some polyester blends thinner deposits may not be possible.


Stencils: Any direct emulsion or capillary film compatible with plastisol inks.


Additives: Diamond White is supplied ready to print. The viscosity of Diamond White has been carefully formulated to sit on top of the fabric when printed.  Reducing the ink is not recommended unless abso-


lutely necessary as over-reduction could cause a loss of bleed resistance and opacity.


When printing through finer meshes (180-230T/72-92T metric) and/or at higher screen tensions (40 N/cm and above), the ink’s ability to flow through the screen can be enhanced with very small amounts (less than 2%) of Union Ink’s Flow Additive (MIXO-9020). Additions above the recommended level will reduce the ink’s viscosity dramatically and will have a negative effect on opacity and bleed resistance.


Printing Instructions: For the best coverage, bleed resistance and brightest print, adjust the off-contact distance and squeegee pressure to print the ink layer on top of the printed fabric rather than penetrating through it.


Curing Instructions: Diamond White will fully cure and withstand repeated washings when the entire ink deposit reaches 300°F (149°C). Diamond White is a superior quality low-bleed ink.  To enhance its ability to prevent dye migration, flashing should be the minimum time and temperature necessary to surface cure the ink.


Caution: Always test this product for curing, adhesion, crocking, opacity, washability and other specific requirements before using in production.